December is a month of transition into a new year with new energy and new goals.

Give a look at the calendar. 2021 is finishing, and in a few days, we’ll say hello to 2022.

This is our annual pause to reflect on how the year has gone, and how we’d like to move into the new one. Whether you had achievements or failures, whether you experienced wins or losses, the time has come to think about them, and about how they affected your emotional and personal life.

It’s time to think about what we’re grateful for, and what we’d like to appreciate more of in our life. To consider how to drop old negative habits and develop positive ones. To ponder how much we’ve been doing for our wellbeing, and how to improve it. It’s time to remember the loved ones we lost, and decide how we will treasure and honor their memory.

I was reflecting on what happened in 2021, and I want to share my thoughts, and more importantly, my feelings, with you. 

On Easter Sunday 2021, I lost my mom. This was a turning point in my emotional, social and personal life. My beliefs, behavior, goals, and sense of self were transformed – for better or for worse – by the death of my mom. As we move into the new year, I will put on my “big girl panties”, as mom would say, and get things done. I’ll carry on. But next year will be different, I will greet 2022 with my genuine self: determined, vulnerable, kind, steadfast, and full of love and compassion for myself and others. 

This is a time for transitions, for me, and for you. December is the time to celebrate our victories and close cycles to be able to move forward; it’s when we take time to make decisions about how to bring new ideas, new energy to our lives.

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